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  • My extensions feel dry, what do I do?
    Professional production hydration is key! Please refer to our Curly Hair Tips Page for more tips on working with curly hair extensions.
  • I am a stylist & this is my first time installing curly hand tied hair extensions. Do you have any advice or tips & tricks?
    My Advice: It's easier to install the curly extensions in it's dry/curly state, straight out of the package. Once the hair is installed, then wet the hair down to style as desired. ​ Do NOT cut the wefts, they will unravel. When installing its recommended to use the fold over method. Refer to our Curly Hair Tips Page for more tips on working with curly hair extensions.
  • Can the hair extensions be colored?
    Yes! The hair extensions can be colored, as well as heat styled at the proper temperature recommended by a stylist. ​ My Advice: I love using demi-permanent color & toners on the extensions. Permanent color can sometimes cause the extensions to turn/process darker.* *Do Not Use Bleach/Lightener on the extensions, they will become damaged, melt, shed and ruin the quality.
  • How long does shipping and handling take?
    Please allow 2 and a half weeks for manufacturing all our hair extension orders. Please refer to the "Store Policy" page for more information. ​ All extensions will be shipped out promptly as they become available in stock.
  • Can clients purchase the hair without a stylist?
    No, clients must go through a licensed/certified stylist to purchase Hair By Kendra Janelle.* ​ *Stylists may create a professional account & then email proof of license. Once its approved, you will have access to purchase the hair.
  • Can you mix 2 different curly textures to install in a clients hair?
    Yes, but it is suggested to mix looser textures together, or the tighter textures together. Mixing a loose texture with a tighter texture can cause tangling. ​ My Advice: The Natural Wave & Loose Body Wave are my favorite textures to mix together. I also love mixing 2 different colors tones to create a custom color blend for my guests.
  • Can you install the hair using any extension method?
    The answer is YES! You can install the hand tied extensions using any extension method you would like.
  • How long do the extensions last?
    Extensions will last up to a year or longer with the proper hair care. It is important to Gently Wash & Condition the extensions, consistently brush them throughout the day, use hydrating professional products, and properly care for them at night. Refer to our Curly Hair Tips Page for more tips on working with curly hair extensions.
  • Shampoo & Conditioning
    While conditioning your extensions, brush/comb a hydrating masque or conditioner through the hair when it's wet to prevent tangles. ​ Combing/Brushing When the hair is wet or dry use a wide toothed comb or your fingers to detangle the extensions, and prevent knotting. Brush or Comb the extensions multiple times a day.
  • Styling
    If you are styling your curly extensions, it is recommended to use a diffuser attached to your blow dryer to properly dry the curly extensions in its curly state. If you choose to use other heat tools to style your extensions such as; a blow dryer or flatiron, please refrain from high heat temperatures that can be damaging to the extensions. If you are a salon guest getting A professional recommendation from a stylist is recommended. ​ **It is not recommended to let the curly extensions air-dry. This can cause the extensions to swell, frizz, and tangle. ​ Straight Extensions can be styled as desired.
  • Extension Maintenance
    The most important tip I can give when having curly extensions is to keep them HYDRATED! The hair extensions will lack the oils you would naturally get from the scalp. Please Use Professional hydrating products on ALL extensions. (Clear Oils/Serum, Heat Protectant, Leave in conditioner etc. are great tools to add to your haircare regimen.) Please avoid using protein based products, shampoos & conditioners that contain Parabens, Sulfates, Gluten, Phthalates, and Antimicrobial agents. These ingredients can contribute to the dryness of the extensions. ​ Looking for product recommendations? Send a personal message to @hairbykendrajanelle on instagram to get an updated list of product favorites!
  • Night time care
    At night, secure the hair extensions back in a ponytail with a soft scrunchie. For curly extensions, twist or braid the ponytail to help keep the curl. ​ Sleep with the hair secured in a satin bonnet or sleep on a silk/satin pillowcase. (This helps to prevent the extensions from loosing moisture overnight).
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